Visit and Experience the Beauty at the World of Trees Exhibit

Don't miss the chance to experience the Armenian holiday elegance at the Global Village Welcome Center until January 31. Barev Art Gallery invites you to join us in celebrating the artistry, culture, and community that make Indianapolis truly special.

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A Festive Affair: Spreading Joy at Barev Art Gallery's Christmas Market

The halls of Barev Art Gallery were adorned with laughter, warmth, and the spirit of the season as we hosted a delightful Christmas Market. Our cherished customers, who have become dear friends, joined us for an evening filled with smiles and happiness. At Barev Art, each event is not just a gathering; it's a celebration of camaraderie and shared joy.

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An Artistic Affair: Michael Goorjian's Inspiring Visit to Barev Art Gallery

In a delightful turn of events, Barev Art Gallery had the honor of hosting the esteemed actor and director, Michael Goorjian, during his visit to Indiana for the Heartland International Film Festival.

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The grand opening of Barev Art Gallery

Step into a world of creativity and beauty at the grand opening of Barev Art Gallery on September 22, 2023! Renowned artists Elza Mkrtychyan and Haik Mesropian showcased their mesmerizing artworks and installations, turning the gallery into a haven of artistic brilliance.

Discover the magic that unfolded on this special night—click the link below to read more about the enchanting atmosphere, the captivating artworks, and the distinguished guests who graced the event!

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Barev Art Gallery and NCI: A Synergy of Purpose

As the owner of Barev Art Gallery, Silva O'Connor recognizes the importance of supporting organizations like NCI to fulfill their vital mission. By organizing and actively participating in events like the Summer Gala, she aims to contribute to the cultural vibrancy of Indiana and ensure the continued success of NCI in fostering a diverse and interconnected community.

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Barev Art Shop: A Hub of Armenian Artistry

Just like the previous year, Barev Art Shop continued to be a beacon of Armenian artistry. Attendees could explore and take home a piece of Armenia through souvenirs and artworks crafted by Armenian artists.

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Introducing Armenia Through Art and Beauty

For Silva O'Connor, the festival was more than a cultural celebration; it was a poignant platform to share the beauty and rich heritage of Armenia with the people of Indiana. As the curator of Barev Art Gallery, her mission was to introduce Armenia through the captivating lens of art and beauty, bridging cultures and creating connections.

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Cultivating Art and Culture for the Next Generation

Barev Art Gallery firmly believes in the incredible opportunity that Global Fest provides to share art and culture with the younger generation. The event serves as a platform to introduce children to the beauty of diverse artwork from different countries, sparking conversations about varied cultures and fostering a sense of global unity.

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Barev Art Gallery's Impact: Auction Success for the Children's Corner

Barev Art Gallery recently had the privilege of supporting a fundraising auction organized by a local preschool to enhance its Children's Corner. Our heartfelt contribution, including a specially selected artwork and souvenirs from our art shop, played a crucial role in shaping a brighter future for the young minds in our community.

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