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Drawing, for me, is a captivating form of expression, where emotions find their voice beyond words. Each stroke helps me unravel a world of unspoken feelings. Painting, on the other hand, is my sanctuary of joy. When I immerse myself in the vibrant colors on canvas, I enter a realm of play and creativity. In these moments, unexpected ideas flood in like a burst of light, illuminating my artistic journey with fresh inspiration.

Elza mkrtychyan

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I see my creations as utilitarian art, where art goes beyond traditional boundaries. In my hands, it becomes dynamic, adaptable, and enduring. Each piece is a testament to my innovative spirit, turning everyday objects into extraordinary works of functional beauty. By integrating art into daily life as tables, screens, reliefs, lamps, or even wearable sculptures, I invite you to become a co-author of your own story. Every interaction with these pieces breathes new life into the art, ensuring that its essence continues to evolve and resonate, making every moment an artistic exploration.

Haik Mesropyan

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    Prepare to have your perspective transformed. Our art isn't just about creation; it's about opening gateways to new ways of seeing. Each piece serves as a unique lens, allowing you to experience the world in unimaginable ways. Get ready to discover beauty, emotion, and meaning in every stroke, every color, every form. Here, art transcends the visual, taking you on a powerful journey that will forever change the way you see and feel the world around you. Welcome to a realm where the spirit of art and the magic of uniqueness come alive.

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