Barev Art Gallery's Armenian Holiday Elegance at the World of Trees Exhibit

Immerse in Armenian Splendor

Barev Art Gallery is thrilled to bring a touch of Armenian elegance to the "World of Trees" exhibit, showcasing our rich cultural heritage at the Global Village Welcome Center until January 31. Join us as we adorn a Christmas tree in traditional Armenian style, celebrating the beauty of Armenian artists and fostering community togetherness.

Guiding Lights of Armenian Artistry

Our tree is a visual ode to Armenian artistry, featuring unique ornaments, colors, and motifs that tell the story of our vibrant culture. It's not just a holiday display; it's an invitation to explore the depth and richness of Armenian artistic expression.

Keeping Community Spirit Alive

In the spirit of togetherness, Barev Art Gallery aims to create a space that resonates with the Armenian community in Indiana. The exhibit is a testament to our shared traditions and the beauty that emerges when diverse cultures come together.

Visit and Experience the Beauty

Don't miss the chance to experience the Armenian holiday elegance at the Global Village Center until January 31. Barev Art Gallery invites you to join us in celebrating the artistry, culture, and community that make Indianapolis truly special.

Where: Global Village Welcome Center

Address: 4233 Lafayette Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46254