A Night of Elegance and Diversity: Summer Gala Hosted by Nationalities Council of Indiana

Celebrating Unity in Diversity

This summer, the Nationalities Council of Indiana (NCI) hosted a spectacular Summer Gala, a fundraising event that brought together communities, cultures, and a shared vision of inclusivity. As the proud owner of Barev Art Gallery and a dedicated member of the board of directors of NCI, Silva O'Connor played a pivotal role in representing not only the vibrant Armenian community but also the richness of diversity that defines Indiana.

NCI: A Pillar of Diversity

The Nationalities Council of Indiana is a non-profit, all-volunteer educational foundation, comprising more than 50 ethnic or national affinity organizations, alongside corporations and individuals interested in celebrating Indianapolis' diversity. Since its establishment in 1976, the NCI has been a beacon of cultural celebration, most notably through its annual International Festival at the Indiana State Fairgrounds, a beloved "Celebration of Diversity" that introduces thousands to the cultural mosaic of Indy.

Promoting Culture, Connecting People, Providing Support

At the heart of NCI's mission is the promotion of culture, fostering connections among people of all nationalities, races, and cultures, and providing crucial support to member groups and other cultural organizations. Silva O'Connor, through her role as a board director and member representing Armenia, is deeply committed to supporting these noble objectives.

Barev Art Gallery and NCI: A Synergy of Purpose

As the owner of Barev Art Gallery, Silva O'Connor recognizes the importance of supporting organizations like NCI to fulfill their vital mission. By organizing and actively participating in events like the Summer Gala, she aims to contribute to the cultural vibrancy of Indiana and ensure the continued success of NCI in fostering a diverse and interconnected community.

Mayor Joe Hogsett Joins the Celebration

The Summer Gala was graced by the presence of Mayor Joe Hogsett, underscoring the significance of NCI's goals in enhancing the cultural tapestry of Indiana. A dialogue between the board, including Silva O'Connor, and Mayor Hogsett offered a valuable opportunity to discuss NCI's aspirations and explore avenues for expanding its mission across the state.

Looking Ahead

As the summer night unfolded with elegance and celebration, the Summer Gala not only filled the fundraising coffers for NCI but also created lasting connections and memories. The event marked a significant step towards growing NCI's mission in Indiana, fostering greater cultural exchange, and promoting understanding among diverse communities.

In conclusion, Silva O'Connor and the entire NCI community extend their gratitude to all who attended and supported the Summer Gala. Through unity, diversity becomes our greatest strength, and events like these serve as a testament to the power of community and shared purpose.