Global Fest Indy: A Cultural Extravaganza

Since 2018, Global Fest has been at the forefront of celebrating cultures and fostering community spirit through a harmonious blend of food, art, music, and play. Global Fest Indy 2022 was no exception, and Barev Art Souvenir Shop proudly played its part in sharing the rich tapestry of Armenian culture.

Barev Art Souvenir Shop: A Cultural Showcase

At the heart of Global Fest Indy, Barev Art Souvenir Shop stood as a beacon, representing the artistic brilliance of Armenian creators. From the gift shop to interactive cultural displays, the gallery showcased artworks that not only spoke of heritage but also aimed to bridge the gap between generations.

Cultivating Art and Culture for the Next Generation

Barev Art Gallery firmly believes in the incredible opportunity that Global Fest provides to share art and culture with the younger generation. The event serves as a platform to introduce children to the beauty of diverse artwork from different countries, sparking conversations about varied cultures and fostering a sense of global unity.